Employee Handbook


BL Vehicles & Drivers

Computer System Use Security

Conflict of Interests

Credentials Verification

Criminal Record History – Subsequent Convictions

Disciplinary Actions




Explosions – BM Community

Explosions – CP Community

Explosions – TV Community

Fire – BM Community

Fire – CP Community

Fire – TV Community


Intruders – BM Community

Intruders – CP Community

Intruders – TV Community

Locating a Resident – BM Community

Tornado – BM Community

Tornado – CP Community

Tornado – TV Community

Emergency Release of Dangerous Chemicals

Employment Status

Employee Assistance Program

Employee Volunteers

Equal Employment Opportunity

Family Members Employed

Family & Medical Leave Act

General Security and Privacy Guidelines

Funeral Leave

Gratuities & Gifts

Grievance Procedure

Health Screening

Inappropriate Relationships

In-Service Education

Internal Mobility

Internet Blogging & Social Networking

Investigation Participation

Iowa Identity Theft Act

Iowa Smoke Free Air Act

Jury Duty

Military Duty

Mission, Vision, and Values

New Team Member Orientation

Pandemic Influenza Staffing

PTO -Payroll

Personal Leave

Personnel and Medical Files

Professional Appearance

PTO Forfeiture Bank

Recruitment and Selection

End of Employment/Resignation

Respectful Work Environment

Searches of TM Property on BLC Premises

Smoking and Tobacco

Solicitation, Canvassing, & Distribution of Materials


Transfers, Internal Applicants, Multiple Depts.

Union Free Employee Relations

Wage Garnishments

Workers Compensation

Attendance Policy

Cellular Phones/Electronic Devices


Paid Time Off – PTO

Modified Job Duty

New Team Member Probationary Period

Performance Evaluations

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