Take action for you or your loved one to stay independent as you age.


  1. Chose a healthy diet- Make sure you are getting the proper nutrients in your diet to help prevent heart disease, stroke, bone loss, certain types of cancer and diabetes. Choosing a healthy diet will also help you maintain a healthy weight.
  2. Exercise regularly- Many symptoms of getting older such as weakness and balance are a result of inactivity, not a result of aging. Hold on to your muscle mass by exercising consistently. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommends getting at least 20 minutes of moderate activity a day.
  3. Take care of your mental and emotional health- Depression and stress can cause a host of health issues. Be sure to confront depression and any issues that may be causing excess stress.
  4. Include mental dexterity exercises- Prevent cognitive decline with mind-body-exercises, puzzles and games.
  5. Connect regularly with friends and family- It is so important to connect with others. Keep your social calendar open and refrain from isolating yourself.
  6. Make the proper home modifications- If you are finding it hard to preform your normal daily living activities, make the proper home modifications so that you can keep your independence. If it is hard for you to get on and off of the toilet, get a toilet seat riser.  If you are having trouble reaching for your dishes, move your cupboards down or re-arrange…etc.
  7. Get a senior alert device- Having a senior alert device will help give you confidence by eliminating fear of being alone. The alert system is set up so that if you fall in your home, first responders will be notified.
  8. Keep busy and active- Keep your mind and your body active. If you have retired, find somewhere to volunteer your time.
  9. Get good sleep- Getting the proper amount of sleep is essential to your mental and physical health.
  10. Get annual vision checks- Often times vision decline will go unnoticed. If vision is declining it can put you at increased risk of falls and accidents.