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Easter Appeal_2018

At Bethany Life it is our Chaplain who reminds us of God’s grace and hope and offers encouragement of God’s peace to those who are often alone and without hope. It is our Chaplain who has the strength to often go emotionally where others are unable. Her spiritual touch eases the burden and allows peace to flourish. Hundreds if not thousands of people have felt the touch of our Chaplain. Their names are endless. At this solemn time of year, we ask you to remember our Chaplain in your prayers.It’s hard to imagine how any nursing home would not provide such dedicated and compassionate care. At Bethany Life, spiritual care is foundational to our mission.

It is our goal to raise $80,000 in 2018 in support of our Chaplaincy program. We ask you, every one of you, to take a moment to think about our Chaplain during this time of reflection. Your generosity leads to peace for those we serve.  Please join our mission. Make a gift today to our Foundation’s Chaplaincy for Today Fund or the Chaplaincy Endowment Fund.

Thank you and God bless you.
Bethany Life Residents & Families, Employees, and Board Members