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Bethany Life

Our Funds

The Mission Fund

The Mission Fund receives gifts that are restricted to supporting the Bethany Life mission for the entire continuum.  This fund assists with capital items, projects, and supporting the quality of life for our residents, tenants, and members.

The Good Samaritan Fund

The Good Samaritan Fund supports our residents, tenants, and members in need.  Expenses relating to long-term care can be challenging for many, so these funds can assist in easing the burden.

The Chaplaincy ENDOWMENT Fund

The Chaplaincy Endowment Fund is a permanently restricted fund that directly supports the future of the Chaplaincy program.  Donating to the Chaplaincy Endowment will ensure there will always be a full-time Chaplain on staff.

The Chaplaincy for Today Fund

The Chaplaincy for Today Fund is a temporarily restricted fund that provides support for the current Chaplaincy program.  Donations to this fund are available to be used for current needs and projects.

The employee Appreciation Fund

The Employee Appreciation Fund supports all of the employees in the Bethany Life continuum.  Our staff works tirelessly to provide compassionate care for our residents, tenants, and members.  Donating to this Fund will ensure our staff are taken care of as well as they care for others.

The Scholarship Fund

The Scholarship Fund supports continuing education for Bethany Life employees, volunteers, and family members.  We understand the importance of continuing education and the impact it can have for those receiving instruction, as well as our residents, tenants, and members.