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Our staff works hard day in and day out to provide the highest level of personalized care to all our residents, tenants, and members across the entirety of our continuum. We can’t say it enough – we are so proud of all our staff members! If you feel called to say thank you to someone specific, or maybe a group of employees, please fill out the form below and it will be shared with them. Help brighten the day of one of our staff members! Comments might be posted on the website.

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Thank You Messages

To: Brandon DuBois, Accounts Receivable Manager

I have often contacted your business office (Brandon Dubois specifically) concerning insurance claims involving my mother’s care. Brandon has been an excellent, level headed, always helpful resource in resolving the myriad of frustrating reimbursement roadblocks that the long-term insurance companies have presented. He deserves extra kudos for his excellent customer service! As a retired accounting manager, he is the kind of employee that I wished that I had working in my office. All too often, we overlook the “back” office personnel in any industry. In this case, Brandon’s dedication deserves recognition as an essential part of your team.

— John Clough, June 11, 2020

To: Elizabeth M

Just wanted to say I appreciate you for making life better for all the people you care for everyday.

— Linda Newman, May 17, 2020

To: Walker House

A BIG shout out to all of the staff in Walker House who help care for my Mom, Betty H. Even though I am far away, it gives me comfort to know that the staff always have her best interests in their hearts. Thanks so much and stay safe!

— Brenda Silverman, May 13, 2020

To: Elizabeth, Life Enrichment

Thank you for always making my mom happier than ever with your amazing attitude, and your love for her, and all of the residents. You are always smiling, and in turn, makes everyone else smile! You always have fun with the activities, and the patience it must take amazes me, because you do it all with grace! You truly are the type of person everyone would want caring for their family members.

— Resident Family Member, May 12, 2020

To: Ivy’s Place

Thank you to all the staff at Bethany Life at Ivy’s Place my family really appreciates all that you are doing for my Dad Jim K. and the good work that the team who organizes the ZOOM Video Chats we really appreciate this option. Thank you from my brother and sister and family members.

— Robin Hovick, May 12, 2020

To: All Staff Members

I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful care of my mother, Vivian L. I live in CA and so appreciate all the updates, the Zoom meetings, and all the special things you do! God Bless You!

— Sue Tjornehoj, May 10, 2020

To: Timberland Village

Virginia M. is my sister and she speaks so well of you all. She used to say “these old people “. Now she says “we”. 🌞 Always made me smile.
She feels safer with you since it seems many people think this is over. Thank you for everything you do and we are concerned every day for your safety and that of your families!!!I hope you continue to be well and safe. Thank you again and again.

— Rosemary, May 9, 2020

To: The Staff on Charlene’s Place

Donna W. is my mom. You are so appreciated, respected and valued by my family and me. It is hard for us to not be able to visit Mom, but we take great comfort in knowing you are giving her the best care. Most of all, we know you do so with the upmost kindness, humor and love. I cannot express our appreciation enough, especially now. You are part of Mom’s family and we love you!

I hope you continue to be well and safe. Thank you again and again.

— Peggy Redmond, May 9, 2020

To: To all Julia’s Place staff

I want to say that I appreciate SO MUCH the efforts of all Bethany personnel, but especially all those working at Julia’s Place where my wife Emma resides. I understand very well the “pain in the neck” of their major efforts to remain healthy at home and at work so our family residents don’t get infected. Thank you, tank you so much. 

— Antonio, May 8, 2020

To: All of you at Bethany

Emmy S. is my Mom. I live thousands of miles away, and I am very grateful that I can trust you to take good care of her! I know she can be difficult, and she can be gracious. Your job is not easy; I wish I could help you with my own hands and time, and I wish I could add to your paychecks. I would bring treats, I would know specific names to mention and I would praise specific kind and competent acts to your bosses. I can’t do those things but I can tell you that I DO appreciate all of you!

— Kate Murray, May 8, 2020

To: Nolan, BL Nurse

Nolan we are so thankful for you care of our mom Leota B. Helping her transition was so much appreciated. Thank you for going the extra mile to call me and tell me how she was doing. And all the help with her cell phone!

— Colleen B., May 8, 2020

To: Ivy’s Place

We want to thank you for your dedication to my aunt and her housemates at Ivy’s Place during this unprecedented time in our history. The care you show is not going unnoticed, it is appreciated more than you know! THANK YOU!

— MaryJune Cain, May 8, 2020

To: Cindi Martin, Timberland Village

Thanks especially to you for your loving care of mom! Please thank each of your staff for there kindness and care of mom. We hope she will be back there soon!

— Leota B. daughters, May 8, 2020

To: All of Bethany Life, Timberland and Cedar Place Employees

“Thank you” is hardly enough to express the gratitude of this community and all the residents you are caring for during these stressful times. Your commitment and also the sacrifices each of your families must endure are a blessing to each of the residents you care for. “Thank You” and bless each of you.

— BL Foundation Chairman, May 8, 2020