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Healthy Living


Our Therapy Programs

Our Therapy Programs emphasize patient-focused, outcome-driven care that allows patients to achieve and maintain their highest quality of life.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy can help to restore full function to yor extremities, improve mobility, alleviate pain, and limit or even prevent physical disabilities from injuries or disease. Physical therapists employ a number of effective, professional techniques to treat these movement dysfunctions and restore nearly-full physical health.

Speech Therapy

At Bethany Life, we have access to some of the best Speech Language Pathologists and rehabilitation personnel. Our specialists help to evaluate and treat common rehabilitative issues such as swallowing disorders, work with you to develop safe diets that eliminate choking and aspiration dangers, and help you augment your nutritional food intake and hydration. Speech therapists can also assist with various forms of communication and cognitive functions. 

Occupational Therapy

Patients generally seek Occupational Therapists for their expertise in helping them complete activites of daily living (ADLs) after illiness, injury, or disability. With the help of one of these specialists, you can develop, recover, improve or maintain vital skills for selfcare, work, and lesiure – skills that most of us take for granted everyday.