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Respite Care

RespiTe Care

It is a gift to be able to care for the ones we love. But sometimes, we need to tend to other things – weddings, children’s activities, work obligations, and more. Respite care was designed to give your loved one the comfort and care they need and deserve while you do what you need to do away from home.
Respite care is long-term healthcare for a short period of time. There is no minimum stay. Residents are given a private room and can enjoy all the comforts of home within our household model of care.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Bethany Life team will work with your loved one’s primary care provider to ensure that care at the level offered at The Households of Bethany is appropriate for your loved one.

There is no minimum stay and there is also no maximum stay, although after 29 days, your loved one would simply be considered a long-term resident rather than a resident in Respite Care.

Individual situations will vary. We do need enough time to get orders from your loved one’s primary care provider and your loved one will need to have seen that provider within the past 30 days.


Direct input from residents, a willingness to try new things, and the freedom to choose keeps our residents engaged in meaningful, purposeful activity. Our program includes activities 7 days a week, from morning to evening, located both inside our walls and out in the community, because life doesn’t just happen between 9-5. Each week our residents have the opportunity to see live performers, visit with children and animals, take a trip in the community, go for a scenic drive, work on creative projects, socialize and connect with others, have fun, and more! Our activities offer something for everyone because quality of life is just as important as quality of care.