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Season’s Greetings from Bethany Life,

Friends, earlier this fall, we made an announcement that Bethany Life was going to open up on Sunday mornings for worship beginning in January of 2022.  We were excited that perhaps we could get back to where we were pre-pandemic.   At that time, we sent a letter out letting you know our intentions and said that we would get back to you in December.  It’s December!

If you have been attentive to what is happening to the COVID virus and its latest mutation you have heard the word Omicron.  It is a new variant that seems to spread quickly.  The number of hospitalizations continues to climb and at the time of this writing the trends are heading in the wrong direction.  With the onset of winter the possibility of another outbreak seems to be imminent.

Taking these factors into account, I have decided to postpone opening up for Sunday worship in January.  I am just not willing to take the risk to our residents.  We have done so well over these many months.  I don’t want to jeopardize people’s long term health for a short term victory.

I know this comes as a disappointment. It will be another disappointment to our residents at Bethany Life.  I want to be clear, however, about families coming to see their loved ones.  Please continue to come and see your family members!  The decision regarding worship and postponing our January return has more to do with the number of people gathering in one place, at one time, and not being able to manage who is vaccinated and who is not.  Your family members need you and your visits!

In the meantime, we continue to keep a vigilant eye on the pandemic and infection rates, hot spots, etc.  As far as gathering again to worship….we’ll get there!  God is faithful.  We will wait on the Lord!

I remain hopeful.  Peace is found in the child born unto us.

Pastor David