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Part of the continuum of care offered by Bethany Life is LifeBridge Transitional Care. Located at The Households of Bethany, LifeBridge helps to bridge the gap between a hospital stay and a return home after surgery, injury, or illness. The LifeBridge staff helps individuals get well, at their own pace, by focusing on goal oriented rehabilitation. Stephen Nagel came to LifeBridge in early August after time in the hospital and was ready to do what it takes to get back home with his wife. When asked about his initial thoughts when he arrived in LifeBridge Stephen responded, “Physically it was hard, mentally it was not hard at all. I knew I had to get stronger, I knew I had to learn how to use a walker, I knew I had to do all this stuff if I were ever to succeed in getting home. Then it was just a matter of putting in the work.”

Stephen praised the staff in LifeBridge for their support and care throughout his journey. He explained that he was positively motivated and pushed during physical and occupation therapy sessions and thinks that everyone he has encountered has been great to work with. “I really like this place,” said Stephen. “Everybody that I have met has been warm, welcoming, and helpful. I don’t have any complaints.”

Despite the fact that Stephen was eager to get home, he expressed his gratitude towards Bethany Life for his time here. “I told all my friends that the reason I am here sucks but I have had a good experience here,” Stephen explained. “I am going to miss the people.”