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Terry and Jerry Greenfield are two of the newest faces to the LifeChoices® program and could not be more thrilled to be a part of the Bethany Life family. The Greenfields reside in Story City, just a short walk from The Households of Bethany. Terry, a native of Williams, Iowa, is a retired veteran who spent 30 years serving our country in the Air Force. After coming to Story City, Terry spent time as the chief of police as well as a paramedic. Supporting and providing for others is a passion of Terry’s and that is clearly reflected in his work history. Jerry is originally from Ellsworth, Iowa and she spent many of her years working at Iowa State University in several different offices, including the College of Veterinary Medicine Office and the Office of Extension. Terry and Jerry have a son, daughter-in-law, and two loving grandchildren.

The Greenfields feel strongly that LifeChoices® walked into their lives at just the right time. Weighing out all of their options, they embraced LifeChoices® over other alternatives because of the peace of mind that it brought them as they embark on the next chapter of their lives. Along with the pandemic, COVID-19 brought with it so much uncertainty and change to everyone, including the Greenfields. Adjusting to life after that pandemic has been a challenge for everyone. Terry and Jerry are ecstatic to receive such personal, individualized care that comes along with being members of LifeChoices®.

Remaining in their home is something that is very important to the Greenfields, and LifeChoices® allows them to do that. Having an advocate at their side brings them and their family comfort. Knowing that someone is always there for them and has their needs in mind is one of the main reasons that they recently decided to take the leap and join the LifeChoices® program.

Despite being some of the newest members, both Terry and Jerry are passionate about spreading the good news of LifeChoices® to their peers and community. LifeChoices® provides its members with a holistic approach to wellness, independence, as well as asset protection, and this is something the Greenfields want everyone to be aware of. The feeling of comfort and security that Terry and Jerry now have is something that they want everyone to have the opportunity to experience.