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Bethany at Home has been a program of Bethany Life for over a decade now, and since its conception, it has been a trusted source of home healthcare for hundreds of central Iowans. It provides its residents, tenants, and members with the care and assistance that is needed, when it is needed most. Everything inside the house from general cleaning, cooking, and personal care are taken care of by Bethany at Home. Additionally, with the environmental services team, all outdoor needs like mowing, cleaning gutters, tree trimming, and snow removal are handled as well.

Bethany at Home understands that staying in your home is always a priority and they are there to help you accomplish that. Our services are catered towards your needs and individualized to fit within your schedule. However, sometimes you may not even realize that you require help for everyday life activities. “The thing that struck me the most was that dad was adamant against having in-home care. He said that he doesn’t want them in his house,” said Shannon Lindley, daughter of Joe Lindley. Joe was a resident at Timberland Village and his family began to grow wary of his health. So, they contacted Bethany at Home to learn more about the services that are offered. After signing up, the family realized that they had made the right decision. “A few weeks later, I asked how things were going,” said Shannon. His message back was, “ You know I really did not want them here, but I really like having them here. It has been really good, I didn’t know I needed that much help, and I like seeing them everyday.”

Along with bringing Joe the care that he wasn’t aware that he needed, it brought Shannon and the rest of her family peace of mind knowing that their father’s care was in good hands. “As a family member, the thing that I found most helpful was knowing there was someone coming in everyday, touching base with him, and making sure that his needs were being taken care of. He was getting the care that he needed in the place where he wanted to be,” said Shannon. Long term care can be both intimidating and overwhelming and Bethany at Home goes above and beyond to help protect you and your ongoing needs while you remain in your home.

While Bethany at Home has all the tools to address medical needs, sometimes it’s just providing a friendly face that can make the biggest difference. Our home health aides work to bring relief to the lives of the residents, tenants, and members. “What service dad found the most beneficial was having someone with him to go shopping, I think that he really enjoyed that,” said Shannon. “I know that was important to him.”